Institutional Fund

Global Health Impact Fund is a Venture Capital fund investing in the leading edge of healthcare technology. We are physician owned and founded and have grown under the principle that physicians are the undisputed experts in the healthcare vertical and provide necessary insights to help identify the next wave of disruptive healthcare companies and support them to commercial success. We leverage the support of our vast clinical network of providers and experts to target our investments and make lasting change. Our founding team brings over seventy five years of entrepreneurial and investment experience, strengthened with leaders from the corporate world, life sciences research, and financial management.

Our Institutional Fund is focused on investing in companies raising funds for Series A or B rounds that have previous seed funding. Investing with us provides a unique opportunity for organizations from private companies to governments to family home offices to VC firms to invest in the future of healthcare.



We have unrivaled access to a global network of top clinical and scientific experts across healthcare industry including research/academia, government affairs, and corporations.
Strong collaboration with organizations and accelerators in our network provides us with high quality and qualified deal flow.


The team has a combined experience of founding multiple startups  with nearly 75 years of clinical experience, 60 years of corporate business experience. We have  encountered many of the challenges and questions that  entrepreneurs in this space will face. We believe the best  investors are constantly engaged, but let entrepreneurs  operate autonomously, stepping in and providing  strategic support when it’s needed.


We are uniquely positioned to provide critical support as clinicians, entrepreneurs and business leaders from ideation through go-to-market.

With significant influence and leverage in the space, we will provide door-opening introductions to potential advisors, partners, hospital systems, and customers, so that our portfolio companies can gain traction and succeed efficiently.


The Global Health Impact Institutional Fund focuses on three key areas of growth in the healthcare market. These three areas provide diversified risk as well growth opportunities that will enable the fund to deliver higher than market return rates. In addition to the strong and experienced team, the Fund also has access to clinicians and Pharma/Med Tech companies as well as other Healthcare Venture Capital Investors to ensure that we have a strong and differentiated pipeline for deal flow. The three areas listed below are interconnected and often a solution enhancing one area can be ported to support growth in another. 

Digital Health

This areas includes untapped potential in Digital Therapeutics, Caregiving Platforms, Digital Diagnostics, Tech Augmented solutions i.e. AR/VR & NFT Augmented Solutions, Educational Platforms for Evolving healthcare needs

Life Sciences/Pharma

New Drug Delivery Platforms, Adherence measurement and improvement solutions across value chain, NFT enabled precision medicine solutions, Breakthrough women’s health

Medical Devices

Scanning, AI augmented Imaging and Diagnostics, Sensor augmented Therapeutics, Devices for new delivery mechanisms, Devices to capture precision motions and recovery data etc