Combat obesity with data-driven medicine. We predict how YOU will respond to different weight loss interventions through biological samples, patient assessments, and machine learning.

  • Obesity affects roughly 42 percent of the American population, is a precursor to a wide range of chronic conditions and accounts for roughly $480 billion in healthcare spending each year.

  • Initial blood test for response to new weight loss drugs (like Wegovy) due to be launched early 2023

  • The Mayo Clinic and Phenomix Sciences are partnering on a biobanking registry aimed at collecting data from patients dealing with obesity and a national study to monitor phenotypes in patients undergoing treatments for obesity.

  • Experts say the project should offer new insights into how obesity is caused and how it may be treated.

  • Initial investment by Health 2047 (AMA and United Health)

Menlo Park, CA and St Paul, MN

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