Imagine what one million healthcare professionals could do if they worked together to shape the future of our healthcare industry. Introducing the Global Health Impact Network (GHIN), a clinician-driven, collaborative network of communities focused on healthcare innovation.

Who We Are

Clinical experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced network-builders, and disciplined financial professionals.

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Gary Goldman, MD, DDS

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Kager, MD

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer


Orrin Ailloni-Charas, MD, MBA

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Bob Sweeney, DA, MBA, MS

Co-Founder, Head of Education Challenger Corp

Sheetal Nariani

Director of Financial Operations

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

David Goldman, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Henderson

Director of Investment & Fund Raising

Henry Gooden, MBA

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Galvin


Alex Cahana, MD

Head of Global Business Development

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