Imagine what one million healthcare professionals could do if they worked together to shape the future of our healthcare industry. Introducing the Global Health Impact Network (GHIN), a clinician-driven, collaborative network of communities focused on healthcare innovation.

Who We Are

Clinical experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced network-builders, and disciplined financial professionals.

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Gary Goldman, MD, DDS

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Kager, MD

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer


Orrin Ailloni-Charas, MD, MBA

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Bob Sweeney, DA, MBA, MS

Co-Founder, Head of Education Challenger Corp

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

David Goldman, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Sheetal Nariani

Director of Financial Operations

Henry Gooden, MBA

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Galvin


Alex Cahana, MD

Head of Global Business Development

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