Individual Investors

Providing the best opportunity for clinicians to invest

Our investor-focused model invests exclusively on behalf of our clinician investor network. We provide an opportunity for our clinician investors to participate in a diversified portfolio of early-stage healthcare technology companies. These businesses are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, but the vast majority of clinical professionals are simply observers to changes that will upset their practices and worldview. We offer a potent alternative to that scenario. Our network isn’t a passive investor base. Our clinician investors directly help shape the technological cutting edge as executive advisors to the Fund. We care not just for your investment, but also for your opinions and participation. 

Join healthcare professionals investing
in the digital health revolution

Why invest with us?

The Global Health Impact Network (GHIN) is a physician-owned company that provides investment opportunities that center clinicians.

"Investing with GHIN is so compelling because the fund and network are interested in having people who not only want to put their money on the table, but also put their time and expertise on the table to review companies in which the fund is considering investing and grow their consultative relationships."

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